02/12/2017 - GamutLogViewer© PREMIUM 10.2.002 released

Gamut Software, Inc. is happy to announce the release 10.2.002 of GamutLogViewer© PREMIUM .

If you are upgrading from GamutLogViewer© Professional you can apply your full purchase price towards the purchase of GamutLogViewer© PREMIUM. Simply log into our website and go to the Download link under the registered users section.


This release has the following changes:

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed serveral bugs that where reported by customers using the newly added BugSplat bug reporting tool. A special thanks to all that have taken the time to report these bugs to help us make GamutLogViewer even better.
    • Fixed an intermittent crash when completing Parser definition wizard.
    • Fixed an intermittent crash when closing a log file before it had been completely opened.
    • Fixed an intermittent crash caused by moving the mouse over the charting control.
    • Fixed an intermittent crash caused by sorting the grid.
    • Now prevent out of memory exceptions by showing a maximum of 1000 invalid lines when using mutliple line filters.
    • Now have a maximum column with on the grid to prevent crashes with exceptionally long strings.
    • Find in files didn't always go to the correct line if filters were applied.

Make sure you check out our Log File Parser and other Training Videos on YouTube.

If you are a registered user whose account has not expired, you can use this link to download the latest version.