02/12/2017 - GamutLogViewer© Professional 6.5.022 released

Gamut Software, Inc. is happy to announce version 6.5.022 of GamutLogViewer© Professional.

This release has the following changes:

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed serveral bugs that where reported by customers using the newly added BugSplat bug reporting tool. A special thanks to all that have taken the time to report these bugs to help us make GamutLogViewer even better.
    • Fixed an intermittent crash when completing Parser definition wizard.
    • Fixed an intermittent crash when closing a log file before it had been completely opened.
    • Fixed an intermittent crash caused by moving the mouse over the charting control.
    • Fixed an intermittent crash caused by sorting the grid.
    • Now prevent out of memory exceptions by showing a maximum of 1000 invalid lines when using multiple line filters.
    • Now have a maximum column with on the grid to prevent crashes with exceptionally long strings.
    • Column widths now resize correctly.
    • Column widths now default the label width if the text length is shorter than the label length.
    • Copy multiple lines now copies the lines in the order they appear in the file even if they were selected in a different order.


Make sure you check out our Log File Parser and other Training Videos on YouTube.


Make sure you check out GamutLogViewer© Premium which has support for much more powerful Text Based Filtering and the ability to automatically open changed or new files with Folder Watcher feature..

If you are a registered user whose account has not expired, you can use this link to download the latest version.