Where to Begin

This section starts with the basics of how to configure GamutLogViewer© to get the most out of it.

  • Start by checking out our Training Video's with step-by-step guidance on how to configure and use GamutLogViewer©.
  • You can begin using GamutLogViewer© as soon as you install it without any additional configuration.
  • Run the application and open a file or drag a file onto Gamut and the file will be opened and ready to be analyzed.
  • However, in order to get the full power of GamutLogViewer© you will want to define a Log File Parser for each type of log file you want to analyze.
  • Parser definitions allow GamutLogViewer© to parse your log file into multiple columns. Having your log file separated into columns makes it easier to analyze the data. See Log File Parser for details on how to create a Parser Definition.
  • Next you will want to set up your Application Preferences. These setting allow you to configure Gamut to work the way you work. One key feature here is the ability to define your severity filter strings. Most applications that log data have the idea a severity level, i.e. Error, Warning, Info, etc. However, not all logging frameworks support the same severity levels. GamutLogViewer© allows you to define severity filters that match your logging framework.
  • Next you will want to get familiar with the rest of the features in GamutLogViewer© that assist in analyzing your log files. Check out the help links for all of the available topics.

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