Split File - Professional Version Only
This feature allows you to split the current file into multiple files.
  • You can pick the column(s) you want to split the file on. Generally you will pick a single column but you can choose more than one. If you have a thread and process id column you may want to pick both.
  • NOTE: Every unique value or set of values (if you pick more than one column) will result in a unique file being created. Therefore it is recommended that you split on columns where the data is repeated. This means that columns like severity, thread and or process id are good columns to select. Conversely columns like stack trace and message are NOT recommended. Date, Time, and Delta columns are not supported.
  • The files that are created will be a combination of the root file name you supply and the unique column value(s) from the column(s) you choose to split the file on.
  • If the "Automatically Open Files after Split" option is checked the files that are created will be open in GamutLogViewer when the split operation is complete.

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