Sorting - Professional Version Only

Log files can be sorted by clicking on a column header in the grid. Continued clicking on the same column header that is already sorted will toggle between an ascending and a descending sort. Some things to consider when using this feature:
  • Sorting with tail enabled will slow down the updates since the grid needs to be resorted for every row that is added to the grid.
  • Sorting on the line number either ascending or descending has no performance penalty even if tail is enabled.
  • Sorting on any column other than the line column will clear the delta time column. This is done for performance reasons. You can still select two rows in the grid and see the delta time between the two rows in the left side of the status bar at the bottom of the application.
  • Sorting on the Delta column is not supported since Delta times are not computed when sorting.
  • All sorting is based on a string sort so sorting of number columns may not be what you are expecting. This cannot be fixed since GamutLogViewer doesn't know the datatype of the columns.