This form is displayed by selecting Highlights from the View menu or by pressing the Highlights button on the toolbar. The Clear Highlights button on the toolbar removes all existing highlights.

This feature allows you to highlight lines that contain a specified string with a unique background color. This can be useful if you want all lines that contain an "Error" to be red and all other lines to be white. Or you may want to highlight every entry for a specific thread to be the same color.
  • Enter the string to match - type a text string on row in the list of colors that you want to used highlight lines in your log file.
  • Add - Adds another row to the highlight list. By default there are 10 rows.
  • Color - Allows you to change the color of a row.
  • Clear All - Clears all existing highlights.
  • Reset - Resets the highlights to the factory settings.
  • Context Menu - Highlight Column
  • Professional Version Only - Column - If a column other than <All Columns> is picked the highlight only matches if the specific column has the specified text.
  • Professional Version Only - Move Up / Move Down - highlights are evaluated in the order they appear in the list. By changing the order you can control the order the highlights are evaluated.
You can also add a highlight using the context menu. Right click on a column in a grid and select Highlight Column. This will add a highlight entry with the text set to the text in the column you clicked on.
Professional Version Only
You can save one or more sets of highlights and restore them at a later time.