Graphical Analysis Tools  - this feature is only available in the Professional Version

This feature splits the main window into to parts. The top portion contains the log file entries in a grid form. The bottom portion contains a graphical representation of the severity entries in the log file. There are several chart settings you can use:

  • Chart Type - the type of chart to display
    • Column
    • Bar
    • Pie - only available with a timeline of all
    • Doughnut - only available with a timeline of all
  • Timeline
    • All - collapse all of the entries to a single point in time - this gives a summary view all of the filtered rows.
    • 1 Second through 1 Hour - group entries on a timeline interval of the selected value. For log files that run for a long time period you will need a longer interval to make the graph more usable. For log files that run for shorter lengths of time shorter intervals may be more useful.
  • Zoom
    • The chart can be zoomed up to 500% in the width, the height, or the width and the height. This is useful when working with large log files.

Other features:

  • Hovering over a portion of a chart displays a tool tip with summary information about the entry.
  • Double clicking on a timeline entry moves the selected row in the grid to the first entry for the time slice you double clicked on.
  • The Chart bitmap in the toolbar toggles the chart window between being shown to being hidden.
  • The splitter bar between the grid and the chart when clicked and dragged can change the size of the two windows.


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