Find / Find Next / Find In Files
The find window can be pinned in a tab at the bottom of the viewer or in the Professional version it can be displayed in a floating window.
  • Find - Enter the string or regular expression to search for.
  • Match whole word - If checked only finds the string if it is a whole word match.
  • Match case - If checked does a case sensitive search.
  • Search Up - If checked searches lines above the current line. If unchecked searches lines below the current line.
  • Regular Expression - Professional version only - If checked does a regular expression search.
  • Wrap Around - will start back at the top or the bottom of the file when the end has been reached.


Find Next
You can find the next string in the log by one of three ways.
  • The Find form has a Find Next button.
  • From the View menu there is a Find Next option.
  • The F3 key is a shortcut key that also performs a Find Next.
  • Pin/Unpin Professional version only - toggles how the find window is displayed.


Find In Files - Premium version only 
Allows you to search for text in all of the files in a folder. You can also specify a search filter to limit the search to specific files. In addition you can search sub folders of the specified folder.
The results of are displayed in a separate window.
The toolbar buttons allow you to:
  • Go to the current line
  • Go to the next line
  • Go to the previous line
  • Expand all the results
  • Collapse all of the results