Multiple Line Filters - Professional Version Only

Many log files contain lines than span multiple lines.

- When this happens the additional lines often do NOT conform to the log file configuration.

- This commonly happens for lines that contain a log statement followed by the exception information.

- Here you can enable filtering of multiple log lines so they don't show as a separate lines in your log file.

- If lines are hidden they are associated with the last valid line that came before it.

- One complication is GamutLogViewer can't tell the difference between an exception line and a non-conforming line.

- To overcome this you can define line prefixes and/or line suffixes to prevent lines from being removed by this filter.

- This filter will collapse all of the invalid lines into the line before it until either a valid line is found or a line with the starts with or ends with character sequences are found.

The page is part of the log file configuration wizard and lets you choose your multiple line options.


By  checking the "Enable Multiple Line Filter" option the log view is able to filter out all of the lines in the log view into a single row in the grid. You can see all of the additional lines in the properties tab when the row is selected.You can also see all of the data by hovering over the line in the grid if you have the "Display Tooltip Popups in Grid" option enabled in Application Preferences.


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