Application Preferences

GamutLogViewer© allows you set application settings to customize it for the way you work. From the View Menu select Application Preferences to get this form.


  • Odd and Even Row Color - This allows you to change the background color of the log file rows.
  • Professional Version Only - Log File Font - Allows you to select a different font than the default font for the log view tabs.
  • Display Line Numbers - When checked the line number of the log entry is displayed in the first column of the grid. The orginal line numbers are maintained when filters are applied. That means if a filter removed lines 2 through 10 the first line displayed would be 1 and the second line displayed would be 10.
  • Display Tooltip Popus on Grids - If checked the details about a line are displayed in a popup window when you hover over a line in a grid. The row details can also be displayed by double clicking on a line in the grid. This displays a popup window with the same data.
  • Display full path in title bar - Free Version - If checked the full file path is displayed in the title bar.
  • Display full path in title bar - Professional Version - if checked the full file path when you hover over the file name on the tab label.
  • Reopen open files on startup - If checked the files that were open when the application was last shut down are reopened the next time the application is run.
  • File Monitoring (tail) - If checked monitors the file for updates. If the file is updated the new lines are added to the end of the file. If the file rolls over the grid is cleared and the new lines are added in the same way.
    • TIP: Select the last line in the grid and the grid will scroll as the new lines are added.
  • Move to last line on update - If checked the last line in the grid and the grid will scroll as the new lines are added.
  • Always on Top - IF checked the application remains in the foreground even if another application has the focus.
  • Default Date/Time column format string - used to parse the date/time column when defining a custom separator. If using a Log4J, Log4Net, or NLog pattern layout string the date/time format is contained in the layout string.
  • Examples Button - This button displays date/time layout parameters to use when defining a date/time format string.
  • Severity Toolbar Filters - Most logging frameworks support the concept of a severity level. However, not all frameworks support the same levels. This section allows you to define the severity levels you log files contain. For each enabled severity entry the image associated with the enabled row is displayed on the toolbar. When pressed this toggles whether or not log lines with the specified severity name are displayed.
    • Image - The image that will be shown on the application toolbar.
    • Enable - If checked the image will show up on the application toolbar.
    • Exclude Filter Text - The text string to associate with the image. I.e. in the default configuration the string "Error" will be displayed as a red circle with an exclamation mark in it.
  • Professional Version Only - Chart Color for Selected Severity - Allows you to select a different color than the default for the severity types displayed in the chart window. You can also double click on a row to bring up the color picker.

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