Additional Features
This section covers features that don't show up anywhere else in the help.
  • Sync Views from the View menu - if you have more than one open log file this option will move the selected row in each log file to the first entry with the same date/time value as the currently selected row in the current log file.
  • Copy from the Context Menu - copies the currently selected row(s) into the clipboard.
  • Copy Column from the Context Menu -copies the column values for the currently selected row(s) into the clipboard.
  • Properties from the Context Menu - (same as  double clicking a row) - displays the properties popup window the the all of the columns broken out in a table form as column name and column value.
  • Professional Version Only - Properties from the Context Menu - Displays the properties window in a tab at the bottom of the application. This allows you to keep the properties window visible when selecting different lines in your log file.This is even more useful when you use the multiple line feature which is also only available in the professional version.
  • Highlight Match text in any column - from the Context Menu - adds a highlight value for each unique column value in all of the selected rows.
    • Tip: Start by selecting more than one row with some errors, info, warnings, etc. Then right click on the severity column and pick this option each severity type row will have a unique color and all rows with the same severity will be the same color. This would work for any column not just severity.
  • Professional Version Only - Highlight Match text in any column - from the Context Menu - this option looks for the text in the selected column in the column that was selected. This is a useful feature when then text can appear in more than one column. For instance a thread or process id may not be unique across all columns. By using this option only the selected column is searched for a match.
  • Open in Notepad from the Context Menu - open the current log file in Notepad++ if it is installed. If not the file is opened in Notepad.
  • Professional Version Only - Open in Notepad from the Context Menu - this is the same feature as mentioned above but in the professional version you have the ability to select your editor of choice. So instead of opening the file in Notepad you can choose whatever editor you want.
  • Open containing folder from the Context Menu - opens a new copy of Windows Explorer with the current directory set to the same folder as the current log file.


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