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      Professional Edition 6.5     Premium Edition 10.2
Single User License      $20 
6 User License   $99 

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GamutLogViewer© Premium Features

  • Folder Watcher - This feature allows you to automatically open files as they are created or modified in one or more folders that you select. You can optionally filter which files are opened based on a name, extension, or both. You can also save and restore different sets of folders to watch. This is similar to how you save and restore Filter Sets.
  • Text Based Filtering - Filtering is one of the most powerful features in GamutLogViewer. This Edition puts the power of filtering into your hands. You can now very quickly type in a SQL like filter clause to see only the lines you are interested in. You can use parenthesis to group clauses. You can use 'AND' and 'OR' clauses in same query. The filter window also has intelli-sense to help you quickly pick your fields and operators.
    • Example filter: (level contains "INFO" and message contains "some text") or level = "ERROR"
    • Watch this Training Video to see the power of this feature.
  • Find In Files - allows you to search for text in all of the files in a folder. You can also specify a search filter to limit the search to specific files. In addition you can search sub folders of the specified folder.
  • Plus all of the features listed below that are in GamutLogViewer© Professional


GamutLogViewer© Professional Features

  • Graphical Analysis Charts - Display a graphical representation of the number of times a value shows up in any non-date/time column. These values can be graphed over different time intervals or just totaled. Columns must contain fewer than 1000 unique values in order to be graphed, for performance reasons. You can choose any of the following formats: Timeline: Bar and Column; Summary 3D: Pie, Doughnut, Bar, and Column; Zoom up to 500%.
  • File settings are saved for every file and applied the next time you open the file. The restored settings are: Log Parser Configuration, Bookmarks, Column Order, Column Width, Filters, Selected Rows, Current Row, Grid Zoom, and all Chart Settings. The maximum number of files whose settings are saved is 1000.
  • Multiple Line Support - Filter Multiple Lines into a single line i.e. exceptions that follow a log statement. When hovering over the message column the additional lines are displayed. A tabbed Line Property Window can remain open at bottom of window to view all of the lines as they are selected.
  • Single Instance support that prevents more than one copy of GamutLogViewer© from running at a time. If enabled opening additional log files, i.e. from Explorer, will cause them to be opened it the running instance of GamutLogViewer©.
  • Export - Export the contents of an open log file into another file. Several options are supported for what to export as well as how to export the data.
  • Merge Files - This feature allows you to merge multiple files, that use a common Log File Configuration, into a singe file. The new file is ordered by the date/time stamp column. If your configuration file does not have a date/time column you will not be able to merge your files.
  • Print - Print all of the visible rows (filtered rows are not printed) or all of the selected rows. You can remove the filters to print all of the lines.
  • Split File - This feature allows you to split the current file into multiple files.
  • Sort by Column - Log files can be sorted by clicking on a column header in the grid. Continued clicking on the same column header that is already sorted will toggle between an ascending and a descending sort.
  • Live File Monitoring - In addition to Tail features the Professional version allows you to delete the contents of the current log file while monitoring it.
  • Font Selection - Pick a different font for the log file from any of the supported Windows fonts.
  • Font Zoom In / Zoom Out - Changes the size of the font to be larger or smaller.
  • Highlights - In addition to matching on any column the Professional version allows you to match on a specific column.
  • Highlights - Save and Restore - this feature allows you  to save and restore multiple sets of highlights by name. You can also change the order of the strings you are matching on.
  • Log File to Configuration Name Association - Associate a log file name pattern i.e. MyLog*.txt with a Configuration definition to automatically open log files whose name matches the pattern with the specified Configuration file. This is very useful if you have log files created with different configuration strings.
  • Search - Additional search option of searching for a Regular Expression.
  • Go To Line - allows you to enter a line number and repositions the grid to show that line.
  • Open File in Notepad -  open the current file in Notepad (Notepad++ if it is installed) or an editor of your choosing as specified in application preferences.
  • Open Containing Folder - open an Explorer window to the location of the log file.
  • Close all files except for the current file - close all of the open files except the current file.
  • Restore the size and location of GamutLogViewer Professional the next time it is opened.

GamutLogViewer© Basic Edition 3.2.006


Additional Purchasing Options for GamutLogViewer©

      Professional Edition 6.5     Premium Edition 10.2
15 User License   $199
40 User License   $399
Site License   $999