GamutLogViewer© by Gamut Software, Inc.

GamutLogViewer© can be used for viewing and filtering log files of all types including Log4J, Log4Net, NLog, CSV files, ColdFusion files, and files delimited with other separators, as well as unformatted and custom log files.


GamutLogViewer© Professional and Premium by Gamut Software, Inc.

These versions of GamutLogViewer© have all of the features in the  Open Source version plus dozens of additional features. Click this link for an overview of all of the additional features that are available. 


Paying Customers

If you create an account using the same email address you purchased the software with you will get full access to our website. Including the ability to download the latest version of the software for your 1 year free updated period. In addition you will receive discounts on upgrades and subscription renewals.


Our Roots

GamutLogViewer© was first introduced as an Open Source (LGPL) project on SourceForge. After a few years its popularity grew and the feature requests started pouring in. The time and money required to support all of these feature requests dictated that we charge a nominal fee for our efforts. In February of 2013 we released the first version of GamutLogViewer© Professional and in October of 2016 we released the first version of GamutLogViewer© Premium. These versions include many valuable features that are unavailable in the Open Source version. Click this link for an overview of all of the additional features that are available.